1.) From Jersey City to the Jersey Shore

I was born and raised in Jersey City. I am the oldest of 6 kids and have countless cousins. That being said, the Skea name is pretty recognizable among those who also made the migration from Hudson County to Monmouth County. Some say all roads lead to Jersey City.

As a kid, my family and I were Jersey Shore tourists. We would rent a house in Avon for a week and swim in the ocean from sun up to sun down. As I got older, I started renting places with groups of friends. We’d beach it during the day and at night we’d frequent the Norwood (RIP), Kelly’s Tavern, The Headliner- all of the local watering holes.

I always said that I’d marry a Jersey Shore girl. I met Maureen in 1978 and the rest is history. Our first home was a tiny cape in Elberon. Then we moved to the Apple Ridge community in Wall Township where we raised our 3 children. Now we reside in Spring Lake Heights. Maureen owns her own interior design business, Finishing Touches, in Spring Lake and I practice real estate just down the street from her. We love the life we’ve created in small town USA.

We’re always out and about. My kids always say that we can’t go anywhere around here without seeing someone we know. To us, that makes it home. Whether we’re grabbing coffee at Rook, taking a walk on the Sea Girt boardwalk, shopping on Main St. in Manasquan, or having dinner at Shipwreck Grill, we’re bound to run into a friend, family member, coworker, or a friend-of-a-friend.

Being a local realtor has not only allowed me to meet countless clients and colleagues, but it has also allowed me to familiarize myself with surrounding towns, communities, and neighborhoods. I have learned some of these places’ best kept secrets and try to take advantage of the nuances the Jersey Shore has to offer.

So stick with me. I may not be a Jersey Shore native, but I know where to find you a home to buy or rent. I know where to eat and drink. I know where to have fun. And I know where to relax. You’re guaranteed to enjoy experiencing the Jersey Shore The Skea WAY!

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