2.) Dinner On The Bay

One of the most enchanting things about the Jersey Shore in the summer season is waterfront dining. We’ve been really lucky with weather this summer, which makes eating al fresco that much more convenient.

A place we love to eat, but somehow always forget about, is Charlie’s of Bay Head. Thankfully, dinner with family tonight refreshed my memory! The grand facade of the restaurant has wooden siding that certainly stands out among the quaint storefronts on Bridge Ave. The interior is welcoming, bright, and fresh. It’s a place that makes getting off the beach worth it!

Now, let’s talk food and drink. A lovely wine selection and a signature cocktail list offers options for everyone. I’ve tried a variety of dishes from the guacamole to the filet mignon to the homemade mini doughnuts, and I have never been disappointed. Between the ambiance and the incredible menu, we left dinner tonight feeling stuffed and happy.

Charlie’s will certainly come to mind more often, and we hope to get there again before the end of the summer, because there’s nothing like a meal on the water. Sit at the bar, go for a romantic dinner, or brunch it with a group of friends. However you do it, you’ll be doing it THE SKEA WAY!

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