7.) Smith’s Market

To me, one of the best things about the Christmas season, aside from being surrounded by friends and family, is the atmosphere. The traditional music, the glow from the fireplace, the presence of the Christmas tree, and all of the holiday smells combine to create the perfect, cozy Christmas at home.

One way my family and I make this happen is by visiting Smith’s Farm Market in Wall Township. They sell beautiful, healthy Christmas trees and wreaths. They have friendly employees who are helpful in picking out our special tree and tying it to the roof!

Upon entering Smith’s Market, you are greeted with the smells of the holiday. Fresh, homemade pies are baking in the oven. They take orders of all kinds for your holiday celebrations. (In the summer, Smith’s is a great place to stop for locally grown fruits and veggies, eggs and milk, jams and jellies!) We like to bring home a pie or an apple strudel to share with our guests on Christmas Day!

By frequenting Smith’s we are not only buying quality food and products, we are proudly supporting a local business that has been family owned and operated since 1969. For years, this local farm market has been a necessary pit stop to help make Christmas in our home full of the magical atmosphere that the holiday brings. Celebrate your Christmas THE SKEA WAY!

May your home be full of PEACE, LOVE, & JOY this holiday season.

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