13.) Pascal and Sabine

If ambiance (and good food) (AND good drinks) is your thing, Pascal & Sabine in Asbury Park is your spot. My daughter always says when she drinks or dines at Pascal & Sabine, she feels instantly transported from Asbury to somewhere like NYC or Paris. I agree!

My wife and I frequent Pascal & Sabine. We’ve gone for birthday dinners with our kids, we’ve gone to celebrate our anniversaries, we’ve gone with other couples to catch up over a nice meal, we’ve gone just to grab a quick cocktail at the bar. It’s a special place.

Let’s get to the good stuff: food and drink. It’s best to start off with a cocktail like Pascal’s Manhattan (topped with a flamed orange peel) or the Spring Nina. They have a great drink/wine/beer menu. A platter of oysters or escargot as an appetizer allows you to dive deeper into the European- inspired vibe. Dishes like the Steak Frites, the Mr. Smith Burger, or the Coq au Vin are ones that you’ll think about until you can order them again. Finishing off the meal with the Creme Brûlée or the Beignets and a hot cup of coffee really rounds out the full Pascal & Sabine experience.

Photos courtesy of @pascalandsabine on Instagram

Make a reservation to ensure you get a table. Hit the town THE SKEA WAY! Bon appetit!

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