15.) La Mondina

I can’t end the year without giving a shout out to La Mondina in Brielle. Since the pandemic began, times have been tough for individuals and businesses, alike. However, La Mondina has made the most of it (and has helped me to make of the most of it, too)!

When the world began to reopen in the Summer of 2020, La Mondina took outdoor dining to the next level. They installed a huge, beautiful tent in the parking lot of the restaurant. It was adorned with decorative lights and chandeliers to make it feel cozy. There was faux grass to make you forget you were in a parking lot! The tent had flaps for windy or rainy days. And there were heat lamps for cooler evenings and nights that lingered into the Fall. It was great. This is when my wife, Maureen, and I began our weekly La Mondina visit.

We have eaten dinner at La Mondina almost every Friday for the last year and a half. Crazy, right?! Not to us. Our reservation was something to look forward to, especially when COVID really had us all down and out. We’d work hard all week and get ready for Friday night dinner- either just the two of us, or with another couple. It’s now just become part of our routine. Ok, so what’s so great about it?

The food! It’s the best around. The menu changes slightly with the seasons; everything is fresh and delicious. Favorites are the meatballs, the burrata, the bucatini cacio e pepe, the pork chop scarpariello- just to name a few. The drinks are great, too. There is an extensive wine selection and a number of local and international beers to choose from. The cocktail list is special, and is also changed seasonally.

(Image from lamondinabrielle.com)

When we eat at La Mondina, we are treated like family. We are greeted warmly by the friendly servers, managers, owners, bussers, bartenders, and hosts, alike. We just rented the space upstairs for my mother-in-law’s 87th birthday party. It was beautiful and private. We had a great time and we have the staff to thank for that. We also are planning to have my son’s rehearsal dinner in the back portion of the restaurant next month. We know that we will not be disappointed- and neither will our guests.

If you’re still more comfortable eating at home, La Mondia also offers take out with the option to order online- food AND cocktails! Otherwise, make a reservation today. You’ll be doing it THE SKEA WAY. Plus, there’s a good chance I’ll see you there!

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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