16.) The French Market

Quiche? Oui!

Among the many delectable treats at Rumson’s The French Market, my favorite is the rich, homemade mini quiche. Don’t make me choose a flavor, though!

Upon entering the intimate French bakery, you first smell the fresh scents of baked goods- both savory and sweet. Then you see their offerings behind quaint glass display cases. From there, you are able to order from the cases, have a sandwich or salad made from their unique menu, or just gaze longingly at the blueberry tart you probably shouldn’t have (but you only live once, right!?)

Image from The French Market Instagram

The French Market has outdoor seating for those who want to eat their quiche immediately (like me). They also have a little garden bistro space with tables and chairs, flowers, and gifts for purchase where you can eat, as well. It is very cozy and transports you to a delicate boulangerie en Paris.

If you’re in a rush, you can order any item to-go. If you need to grab a quick baguette for dinner, want to bring some mini cheesecake to a book club get-together, or sip on a freshly brewed cup of coffee for a mid-afternoon jolt, this is a great stop! They also have another location in Colts Neck. Plus, The French Market offers catering services.

Give it a try if you’re in the area. I wouldn’t steer you wrong. Have a quiche THE SKEA WAY! Oui!

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