10.) Jersey Boy Boutique

Well, the Stay At Home order is still in full effect here. Many are itching for change, normalcy, and socialization. While others are finding respite among the chaos. Either way, a silver lining I’ve found is the outpouring of support for small businesses. These businesses and small town entrepreneurs have been particularly affected by this pandemic, yet with local patrons taking advantage of curbside pick- ups and porch drop-offs, we’re hoping these small shops will stay afloat.

One business I recently purchased from is Jersey Boy Boutique. The owner and creator, Vic, is a master embroiderer and has a keen eye for color, detail, and design. Specializing in custom, embroidered pillows, Jersey Boy Boutique can make designs of all kinds. I first heard about Jersey Boy Boutique when my daughter told me the business was generous enough to donate a 08750 (Sea Girt) beach badge pillow to a non-profit fundraiser she was working on. From there, I always kept this shop in the back of my mind.

Over the summer I worked with clients who were selling their beloved family home in Spring Lake. Theirs was known as “the house with the pink door”. For their closing gift, and as a way to remember the beauty of their home, I asked Vic to replicate a photo of the house on an embroidered pillow. My expectations were far exceeded!

Not only that, but when I presented the gift to my clients, their eyes welled with tears of joy. They were so genuinely thankful. The pillow featuring “the house with the pink door” is prominently placed in my clients’ new home. Thanks to Vic and Jersey Boy Boutique, my clients received so much more than an embroidered pillow; they were given a token of nostalgia and a visual reminder of the fond memories made on Monmouth Ave.

Jersey Boy Boutique nods to the Jersey Shore in its work- this company certainly does things THE SKEA WAY!

2 thoughts on “10.) Jersey Boy Boutique

  1. Susan Habermann May 26, 2020 / 2:18 pm

    Love this and Jersey Boy Boutique as well!!!

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  2. Victor seebeck May 26, 2020 / 5:16 pm

    We loved this project because the final product was so well received and Michael is a pleasure to work with. It’s no surprise that he is so successful in real estate. He is a people person.
    I hadn’t met him until we got this order.
    I can’t thank him enough for acknowledging Jersey Boy Boutique.
    Starting a small business is hard enough during “normal” times. It’s particularly hard right now when all of our craft fairs have been cancelled.
    We can make many custom closing gifts that realtors would like.
    This is definitely the upper end of any order we have gotten before.

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