14.) Autumn at The Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore is not just beaches, shore lines, boardwalks and seaside shops/ restaurants. Just a few miles west in Howell Township lies the Manasquan Reservoir.

The Manasquan Reservoir, part of the Monmouth County Park System, is a great place to visit all year long. However, I find that during the Fall, its beauty is what attracts its visitors.

The reservoir is surrounded by a 5 mile path, which is strewn with wildlife and a canopy of tall, mature trees. The blazing reds, oranges, and yellows of the leaves make for an inspiring experience on the trail. Whether you’re biking, walking, running, exercising the pups, or birdwatching, you’ll find a spot to connect to nature AND to use the opportunity to work toward those 10,000 steps!

You can see from the video that the reservoir has docks and boat ramps, making the preserve appealing to boaters, kayakers, and fishermen, alike. For the kids, there is a playground and a short 1.1 mile trail and ice skating in the colder months.

Aside from an environmental and activity-filled attraction, “The reservoir [itself] is an important part of the water supply in Monmouth County. Water from the Manasquan River enters and exits the reservoir through the inlet/outlet tower in the front of the main dam. With a 4 billion gallon water capacity and a maximum depth of 40′, the reservoir can supply up to 30 million gallons of water a day.” The reservoir and its facility are vital for the betterment of our water supply. What a versatile pocket of Monmouth County!

I highly recommend an Autumn walk around the reservoir. You’ll be doing it THE SKEA WAY by enjoying the crisp air, the crunchy leaves, and some good exercise. Happy Fall to all!

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